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Dec 29, 2014
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Just wondering what people's thoughts are on Google-generated sitelinks in SERPs? I do a lot of local SEO for car dealerships and I've noticed some sitelinks appear in my SERPs that aren't even internal links on the page in the results. I've even seen examples of Google adding a sitelink to the mobile site in a desktop SERP.. :confused:

Google, why you no know how to search engine?
(Not my client, just an example I dug up on the spot)

The first organic listing under the 7 pack has sitelinks that aren't added as breadcrumbs, aren't linked internally on that page, and has Google-generated anchor text that doesn't even fit in the SERP...

This isn't really negatively affecting my sites, as it is something Google is doing without my help - just curious how this happens and if it can be manipulated in a way so the sitelinks aren't ridiculous like that?

Which result are you looking at Dev? Because based on location, personalization, browser, mobile, we could be seeing different results than you are so would be good to mention more than just where you see them ranking so we aren't taking time to look at the wrong one.
Sorry about that... Here's a screenshot of the SERP I was referencing..

"and has Google-generated anchor text that doesn't even fit in the SERP..."

That 2nd sitelink, that's the title tag of that page. It's just truncated.

I assume, (but don't know for sure) just like rewriting title tags, Google is using more leeway to define what pages of a site it thinks are important and therefor highlights in site links. Maybe based on # of clicks or something, even if not nav or in breadcrumbs?
That's what I was thinking as well. That Google is using its own judgement to decide what links to show there, even if they don't fit or, in some cases, are irrelevant - like the instance they added a sitelink to the mobile version of the site..

I'm wondering if there's any way to influence the choices they make or if it's something we just have to deal with? Since Google recently disabled breadcrumb link functionality in SERPs that's out the window..
@Dev, Google generates sitelinks automatically. But you do have the power to remove links that you do not want on sitelinks from this link:<your site="" url="">

Replace with your site URL. Of course, you will need to have the owner privileges on GWT to access this page.</your>
I once had someone tell me if you use an internal page link (aka page jump) at the top of the page, that it can help G pick that page for a sitelink. I've never tried it, but the idea stuck in my brain.
If you give it a try, let us know if it works ~

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