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Mar 28, 2018
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I have a client who wants to add a Google Guaranteed icon somewhere on his website. I am trying to dig around and see if there's an regulations they have for this, similar to how BBB has a specific logo and they can only add it if their site is the same as their accreditted BBB info, etc. but I am not coming up with any specific info - aside from them saying it can be added "with permission." I'm trying to get this through to him, but all he wants to do is tell me "I saw so-and-so put it on his site so why can't I?" I've told him I'd like to make 100% sure what Google's TOS are regarding this before doing anything, and he's adamant that so-and-so did it, so he can too.

So how would my client go about getting permission and/or finding out about their specific requirements in order to add this? I would think they would have some sort of snippet or something, and they'd want folks to add this to their sites and what not, but apparently that's not the case. Or it is and this guy just doesn't know what he's doing.

Full disclosure, I am not at all familiar with Google Guaranteed at all - I only have a handful of clients who use it and they do it without my input or assistance, so I'm basically completely ignorant to the entire program.
Yes this is about having it on the GMB knowledge panel. This is like a sales pitch, it doesn't say anything about using their badge on another site. I am trying to find the info I previously came up with about needing "permission" but it was buried so so so deep.

Because I've had previous clients in the past get into problems with icons from sites like BBB and Angie's list and such, I figure knowing the ins and outs of this will prevent a lot of issues in the future.
I think the answer to this depends on the industry, and whether or not their services are actually recommended by Google...
I'm sorry... I must be misunderstanding something. What program?
I think I understand your question now. Sorry... I'm coming back from vacation again, and am still trying to get my head back in the game, haha!

So, the client is advertising in local search through the Google Guaranteed program, and wants the badge to show on the website instead of just the ads.

I honestly have no idea... I would ask in the Ads community...someone there is sure to know the answer to this. Please let us know what you find out!
This is a good question. I'll see if Tom Waddington knows the answer. If he doesn't, I can ask Google about it.
Hi Sarah, it is not allowed. I don't know of any situation where they would give a business permission to do so.
The Google Guarantee is only good on service ordered through LSA ads, so I don't know why Google would ever allow you to display such on your website. It would be highly misleading if someone saw it on your website and was then motivated to hire you thinking that Google had them covered.
Can you show us examples of websites that use it? Whatever sites your client saw using this badge.
I personally didn't see it, my client claims he did. I can ask him again next time I speak with him about this. He sent me a screenshot but it didn't have the full site, just the icon cropped out so it wasn't particularly useful anything.

Can you show us examples of websites that use it? Whatever sites your client saw using this badge.
My business is Google Guaranteed. I never even thought of putting a badge on my website saying that. Although it would be sort of wrong since, as someone else mentioned, the work thru my website is not guaranteed by Google. But being background checked and guaranteed by Google does show some authority and longevity (less fly-by-nightish).

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