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Jul 18, 2012
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Haven't seen a lot of chatter about this - even in Linda's post about 11 weeks ago -

Google is making a Major Push to connect with All Mom & Pops out there. Type in in your browser and it automatically populates your locale along with the number of local businesses Google has mapped.

Here's the website platform they are partnered with and promoting -

"In 2011, Google chose StartLogic as a partner in their effort to help small businesses get online. Together, we?ve implemented a program, Get Your Business Online, that not only provides the tools and services people need to build websites and attract more visitors, but also with the education and knowledge it takes to grow and succeed."

What kind of impact do you see this having on Local Listings? How SEO Friendly is the StartLogic Platform? In what ways can you see Local Search Pros building off this to further help local businesses?
Hi Scott and thanks for kicking off a discussion.

I have not looked into GYBO a whole lot, so was not aware of the StartLogic connection.

We've had several GYBO convos at the Pro Community.

What I've always wondered but never asked, is why so many consultants are jumping on board. Because don't you have to do for free, what you normally charge for? Yes granted you can say you are working with Google, which may help you get a foot in the door. BUT not sure how much that's worth since so many scammy telemarketers all say they are Google or work with Google and really don't.

So do you do the basic GMB set up for Google for free - then hope to sell your other services as an add-on? Or what is the motivation to do it for free.

I don't get it. Probably because I just don't know anything about the program.
Here's who Google is "partnering" with according to the site:

'Official partnerships are limited to chambers of commerce, SBDCs, SCORE chapters, municipalities, city or neighborhood associations, other non-profit organizations that support small businesses in the community and Google affiliated groups like badged Google Partner agencies and Google Trusted Photographers.'

I'm seeing this as going 1 of 2 ways - either this is going to be competition for local search pros or there may be ways to partner with the partners ;-) to provide more robust services than what they are offering.

What Services do you see as being complimentary and an upsell if you were to partner with your local Chamber, SBDC, SCORE Chanpter, etc?

For websites, I use WordPress almost exclusively and am curious if StartLogic is a platform that can be used to build off of or if a separate WP site is still the best way for most? (I'm not familiar with StartLogic either but believe they at least use a WP Blog) - since Google has partnered with them for this nationwide launch, it's not something to ignore ;-)

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