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Feb 26, 2019
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Hi, I've been doing spam fighting and recently getting a ton of strikeouts, just immediately not verifying the edits, maybe got one out of 50 the last two weeks. It's a Local Guide Level 5, but is this a sign that Google just doesn't trust this profile and I need to be submitting more Business Redressal Forms to build trust? Or would you go so far as to create a whole new profile to start from scratch? Or are other people seeing this trend recently as well?

Examples of listings I am reporting:
ATX DJ (Wedding DJ / Corporate DJ / Photo Booth Rental)
The Jewelry Exchange in Dallas | Jewelry Store | Engagement Ring Specials

And this fun little set of roofers: 2020-08-07_14-45-56

Advice appreciated.
@Lanerizz, I'm not sure anyone knows why Google rejects clearly valid edits, and rejects some of those instantly. I've got some theories, but they're just theories.

My edits get rejected all the time, and I'm a Level 7. On the other hand, relatively few get rejected right away, and Google ends up approving many of my edits sooner or later. Google wants the outcomes at least a little unpredictable, if nothing else.

I sent in edits on the first two businesses just now, and Google didn't reject those edits instantly. They may or may not be waved through in the end.
Appreciate the help Phil! Yea it didn't used to be this way, but I did get one verified instantly which was odd. I used to get the "Thank you this edit is pending" emails all the time but those stopped, which prompted my concern.
Sure thing, @Lanerizz. Yeah, the "thank you" emails aren't always sent. Google still sends them sometimes, though.
If you're seeing a lot of rejected edits, it could be a sign that Google thinks your account is a spammer. It's completely normal to have a few though. Like Phil, it also happens to me, just not every time.
Thanks Joy, thats my concern. Hoping some quality Redressal submissions will help, otherwise may start from scratch.
Redressal Form submissions don't impact your edit approval rate but should definitely help the listings get removed if they are spam.

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