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Aug 13, 2012
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Hey all,

I apologize if this is old news but thought I'd share anyways. Yesterday, a colleague of mine, Josh Volk, had notified me about the the interesting message he received while trying to change the name on a business listing. Please reference the screenshot below:


He stated that this message will appear if a name change is conducted too often. Furthermore, here is the 'Google+ Names Policy' page Google directs users too:
Google+ Page and Profile Names - Google+ Help

Under 'Name Changes' it states: "Name Changes are limited to 3 changes every 2 years."

Granted this is not a huge issue but definitely something to keep an eye on for those businesses and industries that are constantly changing business names. Has anyone else seen this messaging yet?


Interesting that they are using a policy that is for your personal name, not your business name.

A business name, however, should not be changed; only corrected. And I could see why they would expect it not to be corrected too often... why can't you get it right?

An actual name change, or rebranding, is done by marking the current listing closed and opening a new one with the new name.

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