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Aug 26, 2018
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[FONT=&quot]Hi everyone,[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]We are having an issue with this local business. The Google listing isn't immediately appearing on the map. You have to move the map or zoom in and out for the listing to appear. I find this really odd as our competitors - with no reviews and way further in proximity - are appearing with no issues.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The listing is only about 4km where I'm doing the search, while competitors with no reviews are about 20km away. We are ranking in the top 5 organically for the search term I used (pool renovations brisbane), but nowhere in local unless the map is moved. When the listing appears, sometimes the pin also looks grey instead of red, while others are red (if that makes sense).[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]On top of this, their organic rankings have also been on a downward trend since June. I'm currently doing a backlink audit to see if it's contributing to the issue. If anyone also has other ideas, could you please let me know? Thanks.[/FONT]
Hey Nikki,

Is this a newer business? I looked on Streetview and I couldn't see a storefront or any signage.
Hi Colan, thanks for checking, this business has been in this location for about 9 months now. They were previously located at a further location, but we have since created an extensive local campaign for the current address. There should be only a handful listings with the old address, which can't be helped. And after we have done the move and local campaign, we have seen an increase in rankings for both organic and local - til now!

This space is shared - and I don't think signage has been set up. They seem to be operating on a by appointment basis. Does Google take the storefront as a factor?
Hey Nikki,

Businesses that are by appointment only are ok but the locations needs to be staffed during the listed business hours. So in this case they need to have an employee at the business location from 730am to 5pm.

Also, unless they see customers at their address they need to select the option inside GMB that hides the address.
Where are you searching from to see they're not appearing? Could it be related to your location?

Do you see noticeable traffic drops in both organic and local? A good way to keep tabs on local traffic is to use UTM parameters in the local listing. That way you can separate out GMB vs organic.

What do you see from a traffic perspective with the site?
Thanks @Colan

Hi @Eric, I'm searching from the CBD, which is about 4km away from their location. Competitors that are further 20k away, appear for me.

No drastic drops in organic traffic - it's consistent in the past 6 months. I don't have GMB traffic in Analytics, but looking at insights on their GMB page, I could see in the past quarter, website visits seemed to look about the same:


Their rankings have been on a downward trend though - which is also worrying.



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