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Jul 26, 2012
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do you know any online resourses where I can find how to get a 100% complete listing in Googleplus Local?

It's pretty easy. Just fill in all details.

And I thought I remembered all 10 images being part of the 100% but my personal listing only has 6 and I'm at 100%.
This is my bare minimum amount of information that I require from clients for profiles, and found after playing around with it(adding and removing from different sections) that it qualifies as 100%

  1. Minimum Google required info
  2. Email address
  3. Website
  4. Description
  5. 3 Categories(2 doesn't cut it, the difference between 2 and 3 is 6%)
  6. Operating Hours
  7. Payment Options
  8. adding 1 photo
  9. having at least 2 items in the Additional Details section(same as the categories, but adding more additional details wont get you any more % than 2)
If I can get more information(categories, photos, and additional details) from clients the better, but I put in at least that and they are 100%
Oh good to know Marc! Thank you!

I've never had a listing NOT be 100% because I fill in everything, so it's good to know what the exact formula is.
Thanks Linda,

I try to test everything I do to see the MED(Minimum Effective Dose) for lack of a better term. That way I know exactly what to get from my clients at the bare minimum to still be effective.

I try to get enough information to fill everything out, but some clients just aren't that willing(unsure about this whole SEO thingy that they are paying so much for and not seeing immediate results for), or know enough, or I simply can't come up with enough information.

It can be pretty frustrating to have clients become combative with you about information that they should be willing to give out to everyone.
Thanks Marc, love your sig!

I have a client data worksheet I send to clients and never have had a problem getting the info I need. But I fill out everything I can think of FOR them based on what I know of industry and what I find on their site. So then just need them to add a few deets and confirm all correct. It works really well and I give away as part of my training. And always max everything out to be on the safe side. Plus add some trick stuff that helps boost trust/relevance/ranking too.

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