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Jun 28, 2012
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Welcome to the Google Local 101 Forum!

Due to popular request and a suggestion from Luke Austin, one of our active members, I finally added a Google+ Local 101 section to the forum for SMBs and new local search consultants.

I stay so busy with advanced issues, new updates and bugs, it was just hard for me to find time to add this section. But it's important obviously for new consultants and business owners alike.

To start this forum off right, below are links to a few posts that have good foundational knowledge or best practice posts that would be helpful to those new to the world of Google local. I'll try to add more as I have time to hunt them down.

Google Places Quality Guidelines - Read or Regret it!

Crazy Google Local Page Name Conundrum - Clearing the Confusion (See images to understand the difference between all the different types of local pages.)

How to Detect VERIFIED STATUS on Google+ Local pages?

How to log-in or claim G+ Local page: Do not use "Manage this Page" right on the listing.

Google+ Local POKES - How and When to Poke your Listing

Hide Your Address on Google Places Q & A

How to find Google Places CID on the new Google+ Local Pages

HUGE NEWS! Phone Support for Google Local DATA Problems Just Launched

To keep up with the most important changes, updates and bugs - watch the Google+ Local IMPORTANT section of the forum.

For problems or questions on specific G+ Local issues, we have separate sections devoted to tips regarding dashboard issues, NAP, citations, dupes, merges, service area businesses and more HERE.

For general beginner questions, ask right here in the Beginner 101 forum. For specific/general questions like how handle dupes, ask in that forum. For very specific questions on a clients problem, please post down in the help section where you can post client links and screenshots if needed, so we can investigate and give you more direct answer about that specific problem.

Again, we'll be adding more beginner tips and articles to this new section of the forum soon.

If you see any other beginner posts that should be added here let us know.

If any of you feel like penning a 101 post with tips for claiming, entering data, how to search for dupes before claiming, etc. please feel free to help me populate this section!
Hi Shane,

This post was from 3 years ago, so not sure if that training is still available.

But I know of another that will be coming out in a couple months.

Closing this old thread in the meantime.
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