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Jan 16, 2013
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Hi All,

I have a client (Plumbing Company) who only visits their customers in their service area, clients never come into the business. They have all the service areas marked in Google + Local but they hide their address in the listing. They do have their address correct in the listing, its just hidden. When you click on their listing from the serp, it takes you to an incorrect location on a map that is in a different (but fairly close by) zip code.

Any way to fix the map? Should they be hiding their address?

Thanks all.

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for visiting and posting a good question.

Yes address MUST be hidden. Google has delete thousands of listings that don't comply and many have been down for months.

I think the problem is likely the way service area is set. If you select different cities or zips Google will put the map marker smack dab in the middle. Often that ends up being in a lake or middle of desert.

Best way to do service area is the in the main (top) setting, just put the city, state they are in with no zip code. That will drop their marker right in the center of town. Then do a 20 mile radius.

If competitive market like plumber they are only going to rank in the city they are located in anyway. Setting service area for surrounding cities won't help them rank there at all. So just pick their city (no zip) and it will look like they are in middle of town.

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