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Oct 2, 2012
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Hey Gang,

Over the past 6 months we've tried to update our site every week with a video blog. The videos are tailored to small to medium sized business owners (as the direct SEO content is thin) and cover topics like SEO, Adwords, and Website related goodies.

With Google's recent shift from Places to Google+ Local, there has been more than a 'few' SEO'ers frustrated with the new process. This video pokes fun at Google and anyone who's been dealing with the Google Places merge can relate to the video :p

LINDA SAYS: MUST CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO - Funniest thing I've seen all year!

Check it out here: Why Your Local Business Needs Google Plus - Online Advertising Video Blog - Adster Creative

- Andrew
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I just totally spewed coffee all over my monitor!!!

The Google+ branding confusion at the beginning is priceless!!!

Wish I could embed the video. You guys just MUST go watch it!
I gotta go! I'm seriously ready to wet my pants I'm laughing so hard!!!
Hey Linda, glad you liked it!

We're just in the process of uploading it to YouTube, I can give you the raw .mp4 file if you'd like to embed it to share :)
In my world (trying to help tons of SMBs and explain this stuff over at the G forum) the branding confusion is just so fricking painful sometimes that his intro just killed me! Much needed comic relief! :p

I've been Tweeting and posting it everywhere. Ya would love to have the vid here, BUT if we just post the link you'll get the direct traffic, so up to you!

I can just wait for Youtube or if you want to send the MP4 I can try to upload but have never done it.
I assume the forum software can handle but am not sure.
Thanks for the tweets and shares :)

Ok, well for now just send em to the website. The YouTube video is uploading, and Ill post the link whenever it's ready.
Love it. Very funny and informative. Thanks Andrew :)
That is a gem, Andrew! You've touched our local funny bone and hit the nail on the head in terms of confusion. Ha ha ha:D
Thanks Miriam. We try and keep the videos short, informative and funny - because there's a lot of SEO video content out there so trying to make ours fun and a tad different :p

Any suggestions for topics are welcome!
Holy [BLEEP]ing [BLEEP]! That is AWESOME, Andrew! Hilarious?

You guys have the Matt Cutts routine down cold, by the way.

Not enough talk about the ?backbone,? though. Haven?t you heard? Google+ is the social backbone! That?s why it?s so important?so that businesses can engage and connect with this, umm, backbone.

Thanks to you and to Dave for putting this together (and thanks for posting, Linda)!

Ow?my sides?
LOL Phil, glad you got as much of a kick out of it as I did! :p

Just really needed a laugh today!
That first minute or so is hilarious! This video is right up there with the Matt Cutts mashup shown at SMX Advanced.

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