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Jun 28, 2012
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EXCITING and long awaited update just launched for users of the bulk upload tool!

The last day of April, Nicolai Helling leaked the news early that the new bulk upload upgrade, was going to include multi-admin capabilities and in digging Mike and I discovered help docs about G+ Social coming to bulk users too. Here is my original post breaking the news here at the forum.

Just got email from Jade that the update is now official and public. She just posted at the Google and your Business forum in her previous Upgrades coming to bulk location management post.

Update, May 13 [From Jade Wang]

More features will be available starting today for upgraded users of the bulk location management tool:

Google+ pages
We’ve heard your feedback! Each location in upgraded and verified accounts will have social features automatically enabled. To use social features on a particular location, like making a post, please hover over Live in the status column and click on the Google+ icon.

Adding and removing managers
Each location and its corresponding plus page can now only have one verified owner. This ensures that multiple verified users for the same location are not automatically overwriting each other's business information.The owner will be able to give manager access to other accounts, if they want to share responsibilities of updating data or posting social content. They can add or remove managers for a particular location by selecting that location and then clicking on Add managers.

If you no longer want to be a manager of a location and you are the owner, you can transfer ownership to another user. You can hover over the location, click on the manager icon to see the current managers and initiate a transfer.

NOTE: Sorry, that's just a portion. I don't have time to copy all the links and screen shots, so head over to the post at the link below to read everything, especially the May 13th update.

Upgrades coming to bulk location management


What do you think?
Exciting! We've got a few upgraded clients so far with the new G+ listings, social features, and multi-admin capabilities. LONG awaited!!!
As ironic as this is, I'll be surprised if any of the big corporations I know of actually utilize this feature. In a corporate world, marketing for their locations is all about a mass effort. The concept of more "manual" work for them may not be accepted as favorable. On the flip side, if the business owners of the locations are aware of this, it should create quite an argument for them to make to the corporate office. I always vote in favor of the local business owner :)

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