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Oct 15, 2012
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Google Local Carousel Rankings and Competition analysis tool on different locations has just been released by GeoRanker.

Why a website shall be listed on the Carousel?

Because of its high CTR, being listed on Google Carousel can considerable increase revenues to any - small, medium or large company - targeting clients in one or multiple locations

There is a very interesting survey built by David Mihm containing over 80 Local SEO factors, but implementing all of them can be either too complex or too expensive for each different location you are targeting.

An analysis conducted by GeoRanker shows that less than 1% of the website targeting local audience are using the next Local SEO factors ( all in the same time ) as:

- registration on google maps
- NAP as text not as image
- structured data
- Authorship ( rel publisher rel author )
- reviews strategy

Over 80% of the Carousel listed brand-names are local small businesses outranking notorious brand-names, with a low PR and low number of backlinks, but with few Local SEO factors implemented and few very good Ctiations built on the best sources for that location/industry ( this is very important to be analysed )

Understanding which Local SEO factors were implemented by the top ranking Google Carousel companies helps creating a better Local SEO strategy in order to get the faster results with the less resourced used - and this is what all SEO experts are targeting!

Very important is that the analysis results will be different depending on the Industry and Location targeted by the website ( ex: Citation Sources )

This is a reverse engineering algorithm which starts with the analysis of the companies ranking in Google Local Carousel!

What are the benefits of the Local Carousel analysis for both Website Owners or Agencies?

- HeatMap allows comparison the main competitors ranking in different locations
- SEO departments can send those reports to CEO's to justify budget. This is the report the CEOs are looking for. In the same time this make the Local SEO services marketing process of an Agency MUCH easier. Just show the heatmap to a prospect and you will win him right way as a client. For us in Local SEO business the way Google is building the rankings is clear but for a small business those things must be well explained and the heatmap is perfect for this.

- check rankings on different locations on Google Carousel as a Local User - as an agency you will be able to run analysis and build strategy for other areas, where your clients are located.
- analyse your current website rankings in the carousel - this will allow to focus the resources in the right direction ( locations )

- track evolution overtime - those reports are used for tracking the results of the campaign - this will justify the monthly subscription for the Local SEO maintenance services ( not easy to track results if you are listed in another location or if the client is targeting multiple locations at once, at least not for the implicit keywords )

- get alerts on significant changes - you will find out right away when your website's rankings increased or dropped in the Local Carousel. When tracking multiple location this is an amazing feature.

- benefits to come in the next 2 weeks - Generic SEO and Local SEO factors ( citations, reviews, G maps etc ) analysis on all websites in the heatmap - will be built in a mater of minutes. Basically this will be the recipe for an optimized Local SEO strategy targeting the selected keywords, location and industry - all built via an complex reverse engineering algorithm system ( follow @GeoRanker for updates )

Technical details:

All reports are built using Local IP addresses.

What are the advantages of local IP address when running reports?

- provide 100% accurate data which is mandatory for running reverse engineering algorithm on the top ranking websites, using other IPs generates wrong rankings reports and the analysis will be compromised
- only by using local IP addresses the analysis can be built on both Implicit and Explicit keywords - Implicit Keywords get usually over 70% of the searches - http://localsearchforum.catalystema...ot-local-new-google-keyword-planner-kw-3.html

Local Carousel Heatmap Competition Analysis:


Direct Report Link:

Google Local Carousel Rank Tracking Report:


Direct Report Link:

Here is the article with more data about how to read the reports:

World Premiere: Google Carousel Ranking & Competition Analysis Tool | Local SEO Blog

If you need any info about how to use the tool for building your own analysis contact me via forum Reply or PM.

Follow @GeoRanker for updates!
pretty cool tool. Do you believe onsite changes will have a bigger impact, or is it external (citations, links, etc) that hold more weight?
OnSite is a very important factor as we were ableto hit the 1st position only by optimizing OnSite and this beacause the website had some very good citations already built but Google was not able to make the connection between the site/brand and the citations because of the OnSite ( NAP as image etc )

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