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Jul 26, 2012
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I used Places for Business phone support through the Places for Business troubleshooter recently and it was excellent. The Google help person knew what he was talking about and helpful.

I had gone through the troubleshooter twice and to have a duplicate listing, that had our client's old business name and said they either moved or are closed, removed. Hopefully, it will be done soon. In the meantime, he moved the marker so that the new name and correct listing would show.

Since I was doing this for a client, he sent me an email going over what was done and copied the client. I took the survey in hopes that they will keep the phone support.

I have no plans of abusing phone support - only going to use it for emergencies like this, but it's so good to know it's there when we need it.

Have you used the phone support? If yes, was your experience as good as mine?
Hi Susan,

We have had very good experiences with Google's Phone Support. If it's not a "technical" issue that they need to send to the engineers, then they seem to be able to fix the issue quite fast. Often, data issues are fixed instantly.
Awesome to hear Susan and thanks for taking the time to share.

I've heard great feedback too and the one time I used it - it was really a good/fast solution!
That's great to hear Colan. It's good to know there's someone there if really need them! Thanks for your feedback!


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