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Mar 28, 2013
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What is the technical term for keywords in which google returns a list of local businesses as shown in the image below (denoted in a red box). Is the term simply google local listing?

Secondly what can you do to improve your ranking. As you will see in this screenshot I am not even listed in the business A-G. However, my business Feltus Family Homes ranks very well for this phrase, but my business does not show up as one of the items in A-G.

Do citations or reviews influence this, or is it simply proximity based off the users search?

Thanks for your insight

we buy houses.jpg

we buy houses.jpg
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Hi Bluehabit,

You can call them local listings, that's what they are. But in the biz many of us call it the 7 pack, although sometimes it's a 3 pack or 1 pack.

There are over 300 factors that go into the algo. Many of those factors are on your website, some are on your G+ Local page and yes citations, reviews and proximity play a part.

I'm wiped out and heading to bed. Want us to try to look and see if we can give you any tips tomorrow?
@Linda, yes that would be very much appreciated.

I also noticed one of the top ranking listings in is using a UPS mail suite (something that google instructs us not to do) and is not being penalized.

we buy houses.jpg

we buy houses.jpg
Moved to help where it may get more eyeballs. Hopefully others members will weigh in because I may not be able to until tonight.

Yes UPS store is not allowed as location but with millions of businesses out there, Google does not catch them all or at least not right away. You could report them if you want to since they are in violation.
There are significant differences between organic SEO and local search optimization.
Local optimization requires a lot of work in Google Places, citations, and on-site optimization in order to rank.

The term i use to refer to that red box is the "Pack Listing" or the "Local Results." These listings are designed by Google to allow a customer to quickly find the location of a business or service they are looking for in their area.

There are hundreds of factors in local search, including the information on your google places listing, offsite directories, onsite optimization and more. Here is a good article on it via Announcing the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors Results - Moz

I assume this is the local listing for your business:

Although your business listing is a Service Area Listing, it says it is located in Dallas.
In your screenshot, do you know what location was enabled on google?

Traditionally in local search optimization it is very hard to rank for search phrases outside your town, even if it is close or is a suburb.

Please let me know if i can help any further!
I assume this is the local listing for your business:

Although your business listing is a Service Area Listing, it says it is located in Dallas.
In your screenshot, do you know what location was enabled on google?

Thank you so much for your indepth reply mborgelt, I really appreciate it!

Yes that is my business. Actually I just changed my business address earlier this morning. I changed it from my personal residence to the office location of my brokers office that I occasionally use for client visits. I went into my listing and edited the address.

This just happened today, I thought google would have to send me another post card to verify the new address is correct? Perhaps it is using information from sources like this that confirm I am already at that location Chris Feltus - Real Estate Agent in Dallas, TX - Find a REALTOR(R) -

Here is a picture from my google business dashboard saying its live even though I just changed the address this morning and never received a postcard, bizarre.


Thanks Michael, thanks for more details and screenshot Chris.

Couple more points/observations...

Did you realize the way you set up service area puts you in the middle of the airport?

You set a bunch of cities up for your service area. 3 issues:

1) It will put you in the center of those cities even if it's middle of the woods or the airport.

2) Adding those cities does not in any way help you rank there. If address is Dallas you only have a chance of ranking for Dallas and even that in your market is tough, as you can see. Best service area setting is Dallas and 20 mile radius. That would put your marker right in center of Dallas which could make you look more central???

3) Since you moved to an office do you still want address hidden or can customers come there to see you? Is the office staffed even when you are out? If so might be better not to set a service area and have your address show. (Won't really affect ranking either way but could affect click/call ratios.)

That is odd that it did not ask you to re-verify. Even with citations it usually will.

The biggest problem I see is that your site is not optimized well at all for local. Your home page which is the most important and easiest to rank should be optimized for Dallas, the city you are based in. (The only one you'll rank for in the pack.)

Your "we buy houses" pages for the other cities are all duplicate content. They just have city changed in the title tag and H1 with the same content and city not even used in the content. I advise re-writing with unique content and add more city content for the city that page is about. Talk about that city and mention some landmarks that have that city name in it etc. Or say things like whether your home is in North Arlington or down south near the Arlington mall area, we can help. That type of thing.

NOT at all saying KW stuff, just make each page more customized to the homeowner that may be searching for your services. And you need KW + City at least a couple times. Mix it up based on how folks might search. "So if you are looking to sell your home in Arlington we can help" etc.

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