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Apr 7, 2021
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Just wanted to share some of the change we have noticed in Google Local Search in Europe (EU regions). Probably these are changes to comply with the new Digital Marketing Act (DMA).

Please note that these changes are applicable only if you are searching from EU, not if you search for businesses there. For example, if you search for a business in Berlin when you are in US, you wont see these changes but in the opposite scenario you will see these chages.
These are the changes:

Other search providers shown on top of 3 packs:

New review display site on Google:
Now on Google Knowledge Panel when we click to see the Google Review of a single business, we dont see the usual popup. Instead we see a new page with review and also review rating from other providers. See screenshot below.

Local finder is different:
When we go to local finder from Europe, it looks very different. Doesnt look similar to Google Maps anymore. This looks a little half baked.

Some of the url shortcuts wont work anymore:
Some of the url shortcuts you use could stop working. For example, if you have a review request link that uses place id parameters, then it will stop working there. The same is true for some of the other links.

These are some of the changes we have seen till now. Since DMA will come into force only on March 2024, looking forward to seeing more changes until then.
@Dheeraj Thank you Deeraj.

Just to clarify, this changes are not the same as in Europe. Generally the new websites are accessible from everywhere, but most of the experience(like the flow) mentioned in first post are unique to EU.

It is also not there in UK too, which is not part of EU's DMA.

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