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May 9, 2024
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Thank you for accepting me here and sorry if my English is not perfect I am French :)
i own a few surf shop on the south West of France ! I have a problem with my Google business account ! All places linked to this account : homie boards have been suspended for policy violation and we have no idea what is the way to solve it ! What policy we broke and what we can do to make it work again. Our shops are very dependent on Google maps and it is like we woke up and disappeared 👻 Could you please help to re open the shops ? And tell us how to make sure it does not happen again ? Thank you for your help !

The process you need to follow is to submit through the appeals tool - which is linked there in the email. Only submit this after reviewing the guidelines for representing your business on Google as well as reviewing the guidelines on how to fix a suspended profile here. Make sure your profile is in compliance. Provide all info possible to prove the business is located at the address you verified with. This can include business utility bill, insurance certificates, business license, filing with the state, photos/videos of the store front showing permanent signage etc.

If you want help troubleshooting the issue first before you submit the appeal, can you click through the link for the policy restriction and post here where it sends you?

Also send some more info on your business so I can try to see what the issue might be?
  • Full business name
  • Address (one used to verify even if service area business)
  • Screenshot of your GBP profile edit area showing the name, location, phone number ect of your business
Thank you for your help, I already submitted two appeals refused ! I ll try for the third time with your link !

- Full name of the business is :
Homie Boards & suits
- 3 main adresses are :
==> 33 Avenue de Verdun Biarritz France ( this one had more than 500 reviews)
==> 31 boulevard du général de Gaulle Biarritz France
==> 2 rue du 11 novembre Hendaye France

The mail associated is :
Phone : +33638433538
Website :

We ve been using these for the last 5 years

You ll find a screenshot of our main GBP profile with our 3 main shops

It is so sad to notice how we are dependent on Google maps these days , we had a huge loss of business over the last days and impossible to call someone to get an explaination to fix the problem.

Thank you so much for your help , I will send a new appeal with the link you sent ! If you get any additional info to fix it you are very welcome ! 🙏


Ok, looks like an account level suspension. Google can suspend user accounts that go against the guidelines, and all GBP listings associated with that user (gmail account) will also be suspended.

You need to identify which user that is and remove it from all the listings. Only after should you apply for the second reinstatement. You can do that by going to this link when logged into each user account and seeing which has the restriction. This user will also be on every listing that has been suspended.
hello, there are some reasons google reject ones appeal. you need to make sure that your documents are legal and they put on the right section. I manage a profile that was suspended for some reason after appeal its now verified. you need to be very sure when submitting the documents

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