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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Everyone

Over this week I have seen clients driving directions revert back to there previous state , despite my changes being in place for a couple of years in some cases

These the kind of fixes that I have seen revert is people who where being sent down one way streets to reach a location as well as other locations where people are being directed down private roads

What makes me think it may be wider than just my clients is that it is effecting clients from all round the world and edits that where made over a long period of time are now not in place any more

In fixing these problems, I would normally just flag the incorrect element of the directions within maps like below


I would just use the client account (GMB/MCC) and that would resolve this issue rather than using my level 5 account as I have never needed to.

Should I request the changes once again using my personal account which likely carries more weight has anyone else experienced this issue since the end of last week

Thanks for your help in advance
Hi Chaddow,

Are the directions correct when using the address for the business as a destination instead of the business?
Hello @GregM

Yes it does for the client where this is causing the most problematic issue, however because it is a wedding venue in the middle of the countryside, there are two unnamed roads in very close proximity which may be causing the issue I managed to change the main rout away from these due to my work in the past, however just using the address rather than the location take you to within 100m of the front door. It is correct on Waza all the way with no wrong turnings , however it is wrong on TomTom which I have requested to change

I have explained the private roads issue which is the most visible example and something that had been working correctly for 3 months up until this week but my account management team has made me aware of 4 other smaller examples of incorrect directions we had fixed in the past were the errors have returned this week
This can happen when back end data is updated. As it seems to be with the business point and not the address (at least in this case) I'd think it has to do with the data stored in that database. Are all of the affected locations in a more rural setting?
Hello @GregM

Just so I understand do you mean the backed end data within google maps which is responsible for directions? Or are you meaning my POI ?

So does this mean I will have to repeat the work the has already been undertaken . As they (google) are now using a previous data set for a technical reason

Most of the effected locations are rural , however two of them are i the Harbor/ shore area of city

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