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Jun 14, 2017
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A client of mine has moved addresses. I updated his GMB dashboard and looked at Maps and whilst the address looks changed, the old town is still part of the address - although everything else including postcode has changed. So Google has retained for a some random reason the old town he was located in.

The town is completely wrong as it is not part of the city but was part of the old address. So I edit Maps to remove the town part in the address. It goes for review and comes back the same as it was. The map location is correct but Google is adding this town into the address which is completely wrong. As a result GMB panel says

"Plumber in this town" when it is incorrect.

How can I get Google to make the change?

I'd suggest you get in contact with Google My Business directly on social media. You can tweet to them at @googlemybiz or message them on Facebook at Google My Business. Usually they respond in 1-5 business days.

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