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Oct 18, 2018
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Hi There,

I've been helping a number of users on the GMB forum that are reporting they have bulk verified accounts but with new imports or changes, are being required to request manual verification. Others have also received feedback from GMB support stating they have reached the limit of locations in their bulk verified accounts and need to request to have this limit increased (similar to API calls).

I'm curious if others are seeing this as well? Historically, there has only been a limit on importing locations to non-bulk verified accounts and once you got bulk verified it was like the wild west (which I imagine is pushing GMB to add these limits).

I am waiting for guidance from the GMB team at the moment about this but wanted to make bulk verified users aware as it seems to be impacting more and more users.
Hey Krystal,

Sorry to resurface this old post. Did you ever figure out the definitive cause of this issue and its resolution? We have been running into this recently. Listings added to bulk verified GBP accounts for our clients via the API aren't going live automatically like usual. We have to log into GBP, click to verify, and go through the prompts (turn on messaging? add photos? etc.), and then it will go live.

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