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Dec 3, 2014
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A client has a general business page setup for My Business AND a provider page set up as well. The provider page is ranking higher but I have a hunch that the business page is not ranking as well due to the additional provider page.

Has anyone had experience with this and if so, would you suggest I delete the specific provider page and focus on optimizing the business listing?

Thanks in advance....
Hi Steve,

Can you provide a little more info just to make sure we understand.

When you say "general business page AND a provider page"

Do you mean like a practice page and a practitioner page? Is this a Dr, Dentist, attorney or???

I think that's what you mean and if so I have recommendations, just want to be sure 1sr.
Hey Linda,

Yes. Its a chiro with a practice page and a practitioner page.

I'd be interested to know if there is any actual benefit to this structure since it seems to me that this actually takes away from the main business listing.

Currently, the practitioner page is beginning to lose rank and the business page is not ranking.

Yes dupes like that, even though allowed will almost always hurt ranking.

Is he the sole practitioner? Does he plan to stay that way???

Please double check as this is very important and can't be easily changed later if he plans to add an associate or other Drs.

Then I can tell you which way to handle.

But FYI I'm tied up in a big webinar today so may not be able to post til this afternoon.
He is the sole practitioner and will be staying that other docs in the future.
OK good to know.

For future reference in other situations when there is more than one Dr here is the strategy I recommend.

<a href="">Overcoming Google Practitioner Duplicate Listing Problems for Dentists, Attorneys</a>

Since YOU can't delete either listing - Google won't do it and they won't let you...
You MINIMIZE the practitioner listing. In all cases I've worked on that solves the problem very quickly.

HOWEVER IN THIS CASE there is another option that many are unaware of.

If it's a sole practitioner who owns the practice - you can contact Google phone support and they will merge the 2. Then you have a combined listing for Practice Name: Dr Name.

That's a good option because all citations for both are combined into one and future reviews too. As it is now if someone searched directly for the Dr, they'd leave a review on the Dr page which would lead to a fractured review profile.

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