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Nov 26, 2015
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I honestly don't know how to properly categorize this train wreck. I'll exercise as much brevity as possible.

1. When I upload photos for a client's GMB profile, I don't always get the dimensions correct. So I'll delete and then re-upload.

2. I recently discovered that every photo I upload is stored on the Google Maps contributor link.

Google My Business is creating a "Contributor Profile" for The Google My Business Listing. That makes no sense. This is a business profile and not a personal profile.

See this profile for reference.

3. I'd like to clean this up. If someone clicks the business name link within any photo, it will take you to this feed.

4. You can access this profile by clicking the logo of any photo uploaded by the business or the business name.

Q. How do I delete these photos?

Your help is greatly appreciated!
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I have the option to delete my public photos when I'm logged in my account and access the left side menu in gmaps: "Your contributions" > "Photos". Hope this helps!
If you're logged into their GMB admin, click on their page, go to "photos" and you can delete (upper right corner of pic).
None of the options work. These photos are created from GMB profile and with no delete option. These are NOT contributor photos per se even though Google has created a profile.

If you can provide me a GMB profile you manage, I'm happy to explore that with you.
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You need to be the GMB admin panel, "photos", click on the photo. Top right will be a trash can (delete). If there isn't, then it was uploaded by someone other than the Owner/Mgr of the page and I don't believe Owner can delete photos added by the public. But it can be Flagged.

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