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Aug 23, 2014
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I had a feeling this day was coming. First, the phone option went missing from the GMB dashboard and now the direct link to phone support that many of us had bookmarked no longer works.

There is a "phone" option under the email section in the GMB dashboard but it has some very obvious disclaimers stating you might not get a call back.

Curious to see what you guys find using this option. Do you ever get a callback right away?

I outlined all the current ways to contact GMB here: How do I Contact Google My Business?
Do you think phase out is where we are heading Joy? Our Google contact made it sound more like they were just trying to get people to go through some online troubleshooting by following the docs, before getting right to the call me option.
They used to have a "call" button and now it's hidden under "email" and it has that disclaimer on it saying they might not even call yeah I think they are trying to keep people from calling.
Yeah, when they start digging a new hole in the Google graveyard (as they did a couple months ago), it's just a matter of time.

GMB support is still responsive on Twitter (as you know), and on FB when necessary (like if you have problems sending a DM).

Great post, Joy, BTW.
Wanted to update this thread. Max Minzer pointed out the direct link ( is working again as of today. This isn't the first time I have seen the call button disappear in the dashboard but it is the first time the direct link stopped working too. I guess we will see if Google does it again.
It looks like they're outsourcing much of their work to India now so the calls are at strange hours. And they only can verify a business if you have photos from across the street of the business you're verifying.
Hi Scott,
They have (and still do a majority) of the support in India. Which can be frustrating at times.

However, verification of a business can take many forms depending on who you speak with, and polite/persistent you are.

They can take photo's, business licenses, make a call to the owner while you hold and other options. It all depends on who you speak to and their willingness to assist.
I think it's also based on how spammy the industry is or if they can't verify the business being at the address via Street View.
They don't allow the option of calling the owner or the business. The only thing they allow lately is to have a license or a photo. In fact, I just had a phone call from a representative two hours asking for those things. For one I showed them the Google earth of the location complete with the sign out front of the building and it wasn't enough. It's a shame because it used to be easy to take care of a problem if there was an issue with the mail verification not going through, but now there's not.
Yea, sounds like you just got a bad representative Scott. Next time, after you have shown your proof and feel you are still getting stalled, ask for a supervisor during the call.

If that fails, make sure you get a case number, just ask they email you a case number and stay on the phone to wait for it to appear in your inbox.

Then you can go over to and open a thread in the GMB support forums.

Over there, any Rising Star or Top Contributor can help escalate your problem.

Just put as much non-sensitive documentation into the thread as you can.
For the last 2 days we have not been getting the option to call Google, are others seeing this?
@Ridgerunner you should still be able to get to it if you go through the GMB app on your phone.
We were very specifically told it was a temporary tech issue. And while I'm at it, getting better phone support tech and agents etc is another thing I would like to see more then cracking down on guidelines violations.
Yeah it is :) It's only on desktop, mobile should still work.
Checking - so most of the calls even to US businesses are out of India? Is that what you're experiencing? This has to be driven by dollars if that's the case.

I thought it was just our end of the world.
Rats if that's the case. I know they try, but...
Margaret > I stopped using phone support over 6 months ago because 95% of the time I was getting India. I am sure you are dead on about it being about dollars. Isn't it always ;)
For this reason I like to use the live chat offered so I can understand what they are saying. :) They always ask if they can call me but I deny them.
I don't really know how to send the link....but you can login to your Google My Business and click in the top left menu and you will see "Support". Click that. Screenshot by Lightshot

Next a popup should appear on the right that looks like this: Screenshot by Lightshot
Scrolling down to see Live Chat and Email. Occasionally phone call won't be there as shown in this screenshot and occasionally live chat won't be there. Sometimes refreshing the page or coming back later they reappear. I think live chat has a queue limit or something that grays it out until they are available.

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