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Aug 2, 2021
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I am trying to verify a location by mail for a Google My Business listing. I have requested the postcard 3 times, each time waiting 5 days between but have never received the postcard. I only have the option to verify by mail. When I opened a Google support ticket, I was requested to fill out all of this information 2021-08-02_11-23-40 , but the business is a service-based business, so I can't fill out any of this. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? I've done the video verification for a physical location before but never for a service-based business.

Thanks! I have tried contacting Google through that form, but when I finally got to chat with a representative, they wanted me to fill out that form that I screenshotted in my post. I can't fill out the form because I am a service-based business and I don't have the items that they are requesting. I don't have a storefront, just like most service-based businesses.
I would just send photos of your location (your house) and add in a note explaining you're a service area business. I'd also include photos of company vehicles if you have them.
From previous experience with clients from our Google my business agency

Google my business postcards will arrive within 14 working days.

If you didn't receive your postcard verification.

- In 20 days ask for another postcard as the old code will now be invalid
- Or, after 14 working days, you contact Google to do a manual verification

You can do a manual verification and its very simple to do...

Go to Google my business contact form at
Put in verification on step 1
Confirm the reason on step 2 so you can then bypass the recommended section then press next
Then click email and fill out the form

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