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Jun 14, 2017
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I just found out that my client has created a Google My Business free website on the domain This is in addition to his normal WordPress website which I am working on. The normal WordPress website is slowly increasing in ranking and after 6 weeks is doing pretty well. I only came across this GMB website though and I am in dilemma as to whether to unpublish it or leave as is since things are improving. It has all his NAP details etc so worried about Google viewing it as duplication. On the other hand, he is getting a link from it to his own domain.

What would you do?
That is a great question. I want to follow along to see what people think.
I had asked GMB about their website thingy. I wanted to use it in addition to a client's website. If I recall, their concern was that only one website could be connected to GMB (only one can be the main one?). If you don't mind my asking, which one do you have linked to GMB as the client's website?
Since your rank is increasing, I might just leave it alone for now.

I would focus all my effort on the WordPress site and connect that to the GMB listing.

The Google website is not going to rank on its own, I take it? It's a one-page affair with little ranking value.
The WordPress site has always been linked to the GMB listing and that is why I didn't know that he'd started a new Google website. So taking away the GMB side of it- if it is not doing any harm just keep it for the link?
Agreed. Focus on the one you can really develop and expand (WordPress). Think of the Google site as another real estate asset that you can use for branded search coverage. Make sure the content is unique from the main site, and maybe use it different types of marketing pushes.

List services that point back to the main site for more info, put some good testimonials, or other things that people might be interested in. All the while, lead them back to the main site to learn more.... so basically use it as a branded teaser site? Point is, leverage it. Don't ignore it.

EDIT: Almost forgot to add this in. Check this thread for a great way to leverage the reach of Google Websites. One piece of the strategy could be a syndication platform for GMB posts.
Thanks Linda. I misspoke over there when I said I would share it. You run this forum like a boss! :)

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