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Jun 28, 2012
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Copied from the Google Places Forum:

You may be seeing this message on your listing for a couple reasons.

1) Have you just recently verified your listing? Note that it may take up to a week from the time you've verified that listing to appear on Google Maps, and during that time your Active listing will say ?We currently do not support this location? on it. Please just sit tight.

2) Has your listing been verified and live for some time? Search for it on ("business name, city/phone"). Sometimes the links from your Places dashboard aren't synced properly, so you should always search on Maps first to make sure it is indeed removed . Often it's still live and there, you just need to look it up via

3) If you?ve done a search on and still don't see it, go to your Places dashboard ( and ?poke? the listing by clicking Edit > Submit. Give it a couple days, and then again, go to to see if you see it appear live.

4) If none of that helps, then your listing has been removed from Google Maps. If you believe your listing should not have been removed, get in touch with our support team:

Link to contact form:
Select: My listing no longer appears on Google Maps or is incorrectly marked as closed. > Fill out the short form, hit Submit, and await an e-mail from a member of our support team (it may take a few days).

- Vanessa

Edited June 14 to reflect troubleshooter updates. - Jade

Update -- We're currently experiencing an issue displaying some pages, affecting service area businesses in particular. My recommendation is that you make absolutely certain that you follow the quality guidelines, and then work through #4 above. You'll get an email back from the support team that asks you to wait if we think your listing is affected.
OK guys, so that's the official scoop from Google.

What I will tell you is that although Do Not Support shows up for newly verified listings for about a week and OCCASIONALLY it's something buggy with the listing - but more often than not lately it's showing up due to guideline violations. ESPECIALLY for service areas businesses that violate the new "Hide your Address" rule. But even sometimes just spammy listings get the do not support.

I'll be adding to this post with some other tips and diagnostic tools...

If you are getting do not support and can't figure out why and need help

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