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Jan 18, 2013
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I have a complicated mess starting about 3 years ago when I had another chiropractor renting a room at my office. He used a different name to market his practice, and google merged our accounts and reviews. That problem finally resolved itself, so I thought, and everything was sorta back to normal. Recently I was checking my listing and I noticed that google merged his information with mine again, the other doctor has been out of my office for over a year, so I made a complaint, and google responded with some of the info changed but not completely. So, when I went to check my places info this what I got: So, next I went into the other accounts basic information and put in the correct info and claimed it, thinking that would make things right. Well things are still mixed up, and I no long show up on google places. My business is, and other one is Pure Precision Chiropractic. Can you direct me to anyone who can help me sort this mess out?
Hi Bob,

We help people here all the time with semi normal or easy to answer problems.

Issues like yours are however what I call a ClusterF* The listings are clustered together which I could normally just tell you the best way to fix, if it was just a standard cluster/merge.

But yours is highly complicated by the fact the other Chiro is no longer there PLUS claiming both complicates it PLUS now your main listing disappeared. I predict it could take hours to investigate and recommend how to fix which is beyond what I can do here at the forum.

Here are all the live listings: (949) 492-5511 - Google Maps So it gets infinitely more complicated. There are dupes, all with the other guy's name. One is marked closed which is a HUGE problem since it's merged with yours and there is another listing with some completely different name as well.
Like I said, big ClusterF* :eek:

I do offer consulting for complicated cases like this. So email me if you'd like help and I can give you a quote. linda AT catalystemarketing DOT com This would be to explain what's wrong and advise you on how to fix it. I don't do the hands on, just consulting. And I will be upfront and tell you ones like this can be an absolute bear and sometimes you just can't get the big knot of data untangled.

If you aren't very tech savvy, don't know how to deal with Google+ Local or don't want to invest the time to do this yourself (with just my advice), but want someone to just do all the work for you, let me know that in the email so I can try to think of someone that could maybe do it for you. But offhand I can't think of anyone that will work on a complicated troubleshooting case like this.

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