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Oct 1, 2012
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Hi all hope your well!

I have been re visiting the strategy we use to gain reviews (primarily on Google Plus Local) for our clients. I have used Philip Rozek’s Free One page Handout, which is really handy. Cheers for that Philip.

Unfortunately we don’t have the budget to do a la Google Styley and set up a mini kiosk in a local shopping mall :) So I am looking for alternatives.

The problem I have is that one of my clients uses an I Pad to gain instant reviews, should their customers decide they want to leave some feedback.

I know from experience that this is risky business, and generally new gmail accounts or reviews originating from the same IP will disappear overnight.

Possible alternatives

? An alternative could be to use a 3G/4G connection on I Pads/ mobile devices, although I’m not entirely sure to what degree these can be tracked, it would stand to reason that I Pads at the office would still have the potential to get flagged via their unique MAC address.

? Only gain reviews from sites such as Yelp, FourSquare ect... that may be less stringent (I could be completely wrong).

? Use a service such as Tunnel Bear, or a VPN, to hide the IP.


I’m in no way trying to trick Google; they are all genuine post service reviews from real customers.

It would be great to hear other people experiences.


I wouldn't suggest any fancy footwork to try to get Google reviews. If, hypothetically, your only interaction with customers is on-site, and if that's truly your only chance to ask them for reviews, I would suggest asking them to whip out their phones, download the Google+Local app, and pull up your listing through the app. Definitely don't have them use the same device

But if you have any other means of asking for reviews, I'd use them, too. The more ways you have of requesting a Google review, the better. I'm sure you've long since seen this post I did:

The Complete Guide to Google+Local Reviews - and Especially How to Get Them |

...but if not, I'd definitely suggest pulling up a chair and a big cup of coffee :)

Also, you'll really want reviews on as many third-party sites as possible - beyond just Google. In my experience, that's a big ranking factor.

Just curious: did you get a free version of my review handout by using the review-handout generator that Darren Shaw and I made in February?
Hi Phil,

I'm pretty sure I read your blog and was able to download a review handout, feb sounds about right. Thanks for your advice, and yes I'm with you on the third party review sites.

Will I encounter the same IP issue with sites such as Yelp, Foursquare ect... or are they less stringent than Google?


I'm pretty sure Yelp's draconian review filter takes the IP address into account...not sure about FourSquare. Again, I'd really recommend not asking multiple customers to use the same device.

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