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Aug 23, 2014
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Mike Blumenthal and Ben Fisher alerted me that they are noticing Google Posts are now showing up at the bottom of the Knowledge Panel. I literally just looked for a post for a client and was confused on why it wasn't showing and then realized "oh there it is, at the bottom".

This is disappointing in my opinion.

Here is a random example I found showing how it looks on desktop:

On mobile it's actually detached from the Knowledge Panel and mixed in with organic.
mobile posts.png
Yes, noticed this yesterday and added that comment to my longer description post. Disappointing indeed to be at the bottom.
This appears to be some sort of a test, I hope they move it back to the top, it was one of the main reasons people wanted to do posts in the first place.

I noticed something else today that is unrelated but also kinda a potential signal of change.

I found this in the Hotel Finder, notice the ads for Travelocity look eerily like GMB Posts?
Maybe this is a reason Hotels do not get Posts?
OR could it be a signal that G is going to allow others to advertise on GMB Posts?

We've been seeing it on several client KPs the last few days. :confused:

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