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So small update, the reviews are now back (176 from 198) but whilst I can see my listing from GMB by clicking 'view on search or maps' when you search for my exact business address / name you don't see the listing in Google and it doesn't appear ANYWHERE in my category. Not even if I search for it standing in the physical location of the business. It is disgusting how Google can destroy a business like this. Fortunately I rank #1 organically so my business hasn't been that effected.. but still. Has anyone encountered a problem like the above? Where you can't find your business on Google even though it's verified and appears fine in the backend?
Hi everyone, don't feel like creating a new thread, so I'll try it here, especially since the subject matches our problem.

There are 2 business listings, and we asked Google to take off the fake and inactive one, 1 hour later, they flagged and deleted the real and up to date one. Google support suggested recreating the listing and reclaim the fake one, which we can't, because it does not show up when creating a new business. The original problem was that by googling, the fake profile would show up, and our active - not at all.

As of now, we created a new profile, the fake one is still there too, and of course, showing up in searches. I'm afraid to report it, because the system might take down our newly created and real listing again.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.
Hey Alex,

Did the reviews move over to the one that you're saying is "fake"? If so, I would just suggest working off that one and updating it if anything is inaccurate on it. I would not suggest creating a new listing.
Unfortunately yes, the fake one got the few reviews transferred and the reason we want (and need) to take ownership again, is because we upload pictures, posts etc.

I thought Google Search would need 1-2 days to update the index, but the old is still live and the new, doesn't even show up...

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