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Sep 27, 2012
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Didn't see it when I searched the forum but there was a big shakeup in search results recently and now there is confirmation as to what has taken place. Here is an article from May 19th on Search Engine Land.

I saw several local rankings plunge to below 50 around the same time in May. Now, everything has recovered and back where they were. It seemed odd that several rankings just tanked randomly and roughly the same amount of results. I said to myself, "what the hell did I do?" I'm just glad everything is back to normal or better.
Thanks Luke. Don't remember if anyone brought up that one so good you shared.

Right around that time there was also the following problem which had a bigger direct affect on local results. Then once it was fixed everything popped back, so I wonder if this is what affected you too?

<a href="">Major Google Local Algo Changes - No it was a BUG, Now Fixed</a>
This is one of those examples that SERPwoo is helpful. This doesn't happen with every keyword phrase or city, but it does show volatility and fluctuations. I have this similar "Google hiccup" showing on a number of clients. Most settled again.


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