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Aug 20, 2019
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We are dealing with a frustrating situation where our SAB partner (handyman) has a Portland, OR and a Vancouver, WA location -- different states, thus different metropolitan areas + certifications. Different people serve them, both were set up as Service Area Business with no address showing and no cross over in Service Area.

Issue: Randomly Google decided they were duplicates for some reason and tried forcing the Vancouver profile into Portland. We thought, let's just add back the address temporarily to reverify, then hide it after, and it will be fine. Then the dashboard update happened and messed everything up.

Now that we are unable to manage anything on the backend, we cannot strip the address from the Vancouver profile like support is repeatedly asking. No amount of explanation to them that we physically cannot do what they are asking is working. Now they are requesting signage from us, even though we have repeatedly explained this is a SAB operating out of a home. Which is perfectly within their right. (Family business, someone else in the family operates Portland for what it's worth)

We are missing about 60 reviews that are just floating in the cloud as well. Anyone else dealing with this or know how we can communicate this issue? @JoyHawkins Anything I can do to push this up in your expert opinion, I have already given 'Feedback' on mobile/desktop multiple times.

TLDR: Google support asking for us to do something that is impossible within the new GBP management on search

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 11.23.19 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 11.23.14 AM.jpg
There is no way to undo a merge, unfortunately so you would have to recreate one of the listings (whichever one is gone) and then once it's created + verified, you can ask support to move the missing reviews. In order to move the reviews you need the place id, dashboard link, business ID, or CID of the old listing. In your bottom screenshot, the business profile settings shows this under Advanced Settings.

I would also do a thorough analysis to figure out what caused them to merge. Usually this is caused by sharing a landing page across 2 listings or a phone number or if an authoritative 3rd party has address A listed with phone number B.

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