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Jun 28, 2012
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Yesterday, Google released some new research geared toward providing local advertisers more evidence that search ads should play a leading role in their local marketing efforts. The study, was done by market researchers Ipsos MediaCT and Purchased. The study included 4,500 people who make smartphone searches at least several times a week and had them log their activity to determine what they want to see in search ads and what impact they have local in-store shopping activities.
Going Local: How Advertisers Can Extend Their Relevance with Search
Think Insights – Google

Local searches lead to action

Our research suggests that consumers who conduct local searches are further down the purchase funnel. Within a day of a local search, 34% of consumers who sought local information on their computer or tablet made their way to a store, and of those who used a smartphone, the number is even higher at 50%.

And more than 60% of consumers said they used the local information in an ad, specifically the link for directions and the click-to-call button (or the local address and phone number if on a computer or tablet).9

Optimize for the consumer’s location. Advertisers can reach a large set of consumers by starting with a wide geographic area such as the entire U.S. and then using location bid adjustments to fine-tune bids for specific areas or zip codes.

Help consumers find what they need. Make it easier for the people searching to see the information they need most. Simply adding location extensions, a phone number or a click-to-call button right in the ad can help consumers take action faster.

Engage consumers near your stores. You should use radius bidding to reach consumers near stores and build an attribution model for local searches.

Today’s consumers are constantly connected; they’re using search engines to gain access to local information whether they’re at home, on the go or in-store. By optimizing budgets for location and providing information that is locally relevant, advertisers can deliver better experiences to people in the moments that matter.

Here is a link to the complete research study: <a href="" target="_blank">Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior</a>.

There is a ton more info at the links above, so head over and dig in! :)

What do you think???

Great stats, Linda. I've been working mainly in the mobile arena for a while, and only fairly recently have been getting into local search. Just got two clients sign on for that and starting out the best I can. The connection between local and mobile is just too great not to tie both together in my services.

Anyways... great stats! I have a question, though. Do you know if many local search consultants are offering adwords as a service, too?
Hi Steven,

Yes many do but not all. I think those that try to be comprehensive and offer clients all they need do - but the problem is, I don't think it's very profitable.
Thanks for the reply, Linda!

From my understanding, since the enhanced campaigns came to be, and you can no longer just do ads on mobile devices, it's been more difficult to become profitable. But, the keyword data from adwords can help with optimizing seo, since we no longer get that data for free. Is that right?
Yes true. And I know a lot of local consultants even do short test campaigns for that exact reason.
The differences and impact of mobile vs desktop ads on google are profound. This article from a month ago details some of the google advertising changes in mobile, especially those made this year. Google?s Efforts To Monetize Mobile Pay Off, But Sites See A Hit To Organic Visits

Currently if I search on mobile for dentists in my town or near me I see an advertising 4 pack taking up the entire initial screen. 4 dentists, in some cases several towns and miles away.

I have to scroll down to get the map. Then I see the 3 pack. the initial 3 dentists are 0.2, 0.3, and 500 feet away.

Mobile advertising. Watch out!!!!!!!

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