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According to Joe Youngblood Tweet, he has his account suspended for too many user suggested edits to GMB listings in his area. Google has unveiled the redressal form to report any all bad actors. This is not the first person that I have heard about this happening too. The last person had to wait 3 weeks to get the issue resolved. It took a lot of push back to get their account and the impacted listings unsuspended. Joy is familiar with that situation and will attest to the validity of my claim. I highly recommend that you stop the user suggested edits and use the redressal form from here on out.

Keep in mind that there is a major backlog with GMB support ATM and it will take longer to get a suspension lifted.
So true, you can have your account suspended for making too many suggested edits, especially is Google deems them to be wrong.
Good advice Jason. I think the issue with user edits is that people are unfamiliar with how it all works and select the wrong option. Back in the MapMaker days there was a bit more clarity on how edits should work but there is very little that Google publishes on the topic anymore.
So if "I" am suggesting edits on users that are spamming their name "I'M" getting suspended for it?
We have 4 accounts now suspended for everything from simply adding a photo to changing HTTP to HTTPS.
Personally I believe Google over compensated with an algorithm change and it is actually hurting more than helping!
I'm on 3 weeks at this point with little to no help from Google.
I have submitted a LOT of "suggest an edit" entries and many of them have been accepted. I am VERY careful to make sure that my edits are well-grounded.

So far, so good, but right now it seems as if the majority opinion says that it's better to stop making "suggest an edit" submissions and instead only use the redressal form.

The situation seems to be very fluid. Trust is built on a number of factors, including consistency and perceived fairness. Right now, Google is failing pretty badly on both of those. In my opinion, at least. But mainly they are being untrustworthy for businesses.

For search engine users, though, Google is still apparently perceived as trustworthy.

The problem I have with the redressability form is that we are told to provide as much evidence as possible to substantiate our claim that we are reporting a spam listing.

I was absolutely mortified the first time that I attempted to submit a photo (via the redressability form) showing that it was a listing for a virtual office, and the photo was uploaded to the offenders' profile! What a nightmare!

I realize that there is a disclaimer that tells you that your photos may be shared publicly prior to upload. I understand the desire for some transparency, like the mapmaker days. But, my god, uploading a photo directly to the spammer's GMB profile and emailing them a notification! That does not encourage full reporting of spam activity. In fact, it makes it LESS LIKELY that people will fully document with photos showing the business doesn't exist.

The consequence of my redressability form submission and attempt to make the spam team's job easier by providing documentation is that the offender is on notice of my submission via an email of the new photo upload!

This is why I have continued using the edit the listing option. But, in light of this post, I will no longer do that. Thank you, so much, keyserholiday, for bringing this to my attention - - I had no idea.

Now, in light of this post, I will no longer submit edits directly on the listing. And, I will never again submit photographic evidence to prove that a business doesn't exist at a given location.

I don't see a workable solution. As the old saying goes, "damned if you do, damned if you don't." Get a suspension for too much reporting, or let your business suffer because spam/virtual office listings knocking your legitimate listing out of the 3 pack.
Been using the "Suggest Edit" option and regularly reporting our client's competitors that are using fake names and fake information. So far my account is still working.

Wait what?

Why would Google think that people suggesting edits is a reason to suspend a business listing?

If they're worried about bad actors I'm sure they could find better ways.
Now, in light of this post, I will no longer submit edits directly on the listing. And, I will never again submit photographic evidence to prove that a business doesn't exist at a given location.

Photos sent through the Redressal form do not get added to the listing. Photos sent via Suggest an Edit on Maps do get added. I would definitely use photos when using the Redressal Form.
Thanks for the head up on this, although I agree, it's kinda messed up to get penalized for suggesting edits.

@JoyHawkins , I share MeganR's concern about uploading pics. I don't see it now, but I do recall reading the warning that uploaded pics would become public and that the pics/I could somehow be identified with the complaint. Are you saying there's no such association?
I've never heard of or seen a case where Google shared any information provided by users with the business being reported.

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