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Jul 19, 2012
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Currently the business name on our Google+ page has a letter that should be capitalized that is not. We have tried to make the change, but it won't go through.

We also would like to add another line to our address to include our floor number, but that change won't go through either.

What are the best next steps for getting these issues fixed?
I have had many listings lately where some edit won't stick and each time, I've had to go through support to get it to stick. You'll probably have to call support. Some of my problems we corrected pretty quick, while others had to be a couple of calls to support.

Go here, contact us, fill out info and have them call you back. Should be able to take care of your problem pretty quick.
Yep-- I had to do this the other day for a postal code that wouldn't change (logged into the dashboard). I thought it might just be because it was part of the address, which understandably Google doesn't want people changing. I got a call from the Google rep and she changed it, and its stuck--easy peasy.

Later the same afternoon I did a change in MapMaker to another (verified) listing that had the wrong website listed & wrong name (website that redirected, and using the dentists name when the listing was for the clinic). It went through right away in MapMaker!

So there's not really a tried and true method-- you have to work with what they give you. But it could have something to do with it being an address change (addition).
Thank you both for your responses, very helpful!

Your input is much appreciated.

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