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Nov 10, 2015
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We're opening 5 new locations this year--all new construction.

The GMB listing is auto generated and horribly populated.

GMB randomly decides when to send out the postcard w/code. Often this is well before there is any personnel beyond construction workers at the sight. Even though I email the store/operations/and regional management to look for the card I rarely get one back. This year I haven't been able to request an additional card for any of the locations.

I'm unable to claim the listings.

Meanwhile (two weeks away from two of the openings) Google has store hours as open and people are showing up confused as to why the stores aren't open.

When reaching out to Google through the support phone and email, and screaming at my Google rep, I just keep getting canned responses and policy quotes.

Also, for a company our size a Grand Opening is a big deal. We have several types of ad spend linked to our GMB listings--Local Inventory Ads, Local Catalog Ads, Store Visits reporting, etc. There is zero continuity between GMB and Google Ads in regard to cooperation.

Anyway to get these claimed, get my CMO off my back, measure GO ad spend effectiveness, and stop pissing off customers from a horrible Google experience?
Hey Caleb,

I'm not sure I've ever heard of Google sending out postcards automatically. Usually you need to request them. If you're able to clarify what business this is happening to and the location, I can definitely ask them why this is happening.

I would also suggest not screaming at the Google reps and you'll probably find they are nicer to you :)
I guess it seemed like they were sending them out automatically since I had a one manager return a card before I requested it from Google. I realize anyone can request it.
One of the other locations is telling me the code was sent even though I hadn't requested it.

I don't literally scream at my Google rep. I have a very good relationship with him and frequent communication, but I've been pressuring him to get involved.
I would double-check which managers are on the listing because it's likely that someone else on the listing sent out a request. If that's not the case, I'd be happy to ask Google for you but I can't do that without the details mentioned above.
Hi Joy,

I verified that my company account/email is the only one connected to the listing.

Our Sioux City, Iowa listing is the one that's marked as open and driving customer traffic to the location. Search "Fleet Farm Sioux City" to view the listing. I've got it in my GMB dashboard but unable to get verified.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



It looks like a user likely added the location to Maps since it's not verified. Just to confirm - is that location not open yet? If it's not open can you clarify when it opens?
Hi Joy, The Sioux City, Iowa location is closed. I'll PM you the opening date.

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