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May 25, 2020
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I have a customer who gave me permission to use her login to invite other admins. I did this, however the person in question informed me that he did not receive an invitation. I deleted this invitation and sent it again, same result. The gmail address is correct and there is also no error when sending the invitation?

Does anyone here know more?
@Bernhard, in the situation you describe, I've found it's always an issue of (1) the invitation going straight into the recipient's spam folder, or (2) Gmail threading the invitations together in a confusing way (i.e. the most-recent invitation is buried in the email thread under the old invitations).

(Others here seem to encountered a GMB bug, but I never have.)
@Bernhard, yes, that would be a good next step to try. You may also want to try a non-Gmail address. Just to determine whether it's an email issue.

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