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Jul 7, 2017
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We have a client who is desperate to get their information corrected on for multiple doctors & facilities. From my knowledge, it is near impossible. Does anyone know of any solutions that handle this site? I thought Yext was a partner with them but I do not see them as a directory option

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!
Hi there!

Has your client tried asking their doctors to claim and update their profiles manually? To my knowledge, this has to be done by the practitioner themselves on a free account.

Is there something preventing the listings from being claimed and managed?

Yes we have let them know about that but they were interested if there was an easier way(API or something). I dont believe there is based on my research
No API unfortunately. Healthgrades requires information to be updated via an account.

I do see that an authorized representative can manage multiple doctors and practices, so you would need to create an account, and verify your own identity. Then each doctor would need to give authorization. I didn't dig too deeply to see exactly what is required for this verification and authorization, but it's likely a phone call or a fax on a letterhead with the Dr's signature. I'm not sure if there is a fee to manage multiples like this... there may be.

Here's their FAQ on how to manage multiple Drs after this verification has been completed: Multiple Providers & Practices | Help Center

Unfortunately, there is no easier way that I can see....the doctors are going to need to participate in updating this information. You said your client is desperate, so they should be willing to work with their docs to make sure they do what they need to do on their end.

You could also reach out to Healthgrades and ask them directly what your options are. They may have something else available that we just aren't able to find.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

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