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Aug 2, 2012
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After regular appearance in the 3-pack in Dallas Fort Worth for social security disability attorneys for many months I find in the last few weeks that I am completely out of the 3-pack, and way down in the "more Places" google maps rankings. Yet I continue to be no. 1 in organic just under the 3-pack for most "disability attorney" type searches! I practice only social security disability, but an attorney search with that term gives me tons of lawyers in Google Maps, including plenty of lawyers who make no claim to social security disability practice. Any advice?
I'll answer my own question. Today it appears, using Chrome incognito mode, I am back in the 3-pack. More evidence, perhaps, to the thread I have been hearing that google is playing with local pack placement a lot now.
I'm still seeing fluctuations like crazy in local. For 1-2 weeks, a ranking for a key term will drop a bunch only to see it go back to normal. I haven't researched it other then seeing some posts here lately but I agree, there must be algo tweaks or testing being done.
If it happens again, feel free to list your business name/phone number and I'd be more than happy to take a look.

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