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Oct 16, 2012
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I have a client that used to rank very well in Google Places but has fallen recently. The organic rankings are good for the most part so it just seems to be the local places that is having an issue.

The client website is Sure Guard Pool Fence | Safety Fence & Gates Tampa.

The main search terms we are trying to optimize for are:
pool fence
pool safety fence
pool fencing
pool fences
pool fence tampa

All of these results show a local section.

pool safety fence, pool fencing, pool fences all rank about #4 or #5 in local and show up in Google.

pool fence shows a 3 site listing for local and we don't show up. If I click on the more results link we show up #4 which means we are just 1 out of the spot I think.

pool fence tampa shows a 3 site listing for local and if I click more we are at #5. Is this because we are not physically in Tampa?

Could use some help on this one. Thanks.
Hi Mike thanks for posting most of the details we need in order to help you.

Looks like they have 2 locations? Are these the 2 Place pages at the top?
Sure Guard Pool Fence - Google Maps Which one are we talking about?

Please provide the direct link to the right G+ Local page, so I don't guess and waste time on the wrong location.
Ok that helps to know, thanks Mike.

Yes I think the only problem is they aren't in Tampa. So I doubt they'll rank in local.

So for example, you see in this example in PLACE search: Pool Fence Tampa. The top 4 all have Tampa addresses. The lower ones do not. And Google only show 3 on web search and cuts off the rest to page 2.

Typically for competitive terms you can ONLY rank in the city your address is in. Occasionally for low competition terms or small towns, you can rank if you are in a different city.

I'd just work on boosting organic as their on-site optimization could use some improvement. That will help boost local too, but may not break them into the pack since their address is not in Tampa.

Think of it this way. If you were in downtown Tampa and were looking for a dry cleaner right nearby and Google showed you results for Largo (where your client is), instead of Tampa which is what you searched for and where your location is set - you would not think that was a very good search result.
That's what I was afraid of.

What are you seeing with the on-page? I've had a reputable company working on this for a while now and they hadn't recommended any on page changes.

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