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Jan 31, 2013
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Can anyone offer an explanation on why the pin would be missing in google maps when you look at the map around the surrounding businesses next to it but then the pin will show up if you do a keyword local search. I have 2 screen shots:

1st, a Local Search with Pin showing
Search Results with Pin.jpg

2nd, Missing Pin when searching around business
Missing Pin.jpg

Hopefully someone can help with a suggestion to get the pin to show all the time.


Missing Pin.jpg

Search Results with Pin.jpg
Hey Tim,

Could you give us some example searches + locations, as well as device type you were using so we could try to play around with it on our end? Could be a handful of reasons why.
If you do a maps search for Mansfield, TX - their store will not show up on the map.

The screen shots from above were on wifi on a Samsung Note5 and also we have also tried wifi and cellular on iphone 6's with the same resuluts. Here is another screen shot from the desktop. No pin for their store.
Mansfield Texas.JPG

As soon as you do a keyword search for health food stores, vitamins, supplements, etc - we come up and the pin will show.

I think there is some value to having the pin show up when someone is searching the area but not directly for their keyword so I am trying to figure this out. Perhaps I am missing something that I should have done?

Mansfield Texas.JPG
The reason why every business doesn’t get a place label is because there isn’t room for them all. As you zoom in, you’ll see more appear but for big buildings with several floors it is most likely impossible to list them all.

Google states they are determined algorithmically but here are a few specifics that most likely influence them:

  • Visits to the location - Google would have this data from Android users.
  • Driving direction requests via Google Maps
  • The # of reviews or photos left by users for the business.

Flash, one of the regular forum contributors, explains why this shouldn’t be an issue:

“People don't randomly scroll around the map looking for a plumber, a church, a dentist, a tire shop, etc; but rather they search. When someone searches for the type of establishment you have mapped then it will appear in the results, so everything is working fine.

When someone enters no search terms at all or search terms unrelated to this feature, Google has determined that they are almost certainly not looking for this feature and thus it is safe not to show it.”

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