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Stef Kiley

Jun 23, 2020
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So a competitor for one of my clients has been pulling ahead in rankings using shady tactics.
They created a GMB listing for "Orlando Foundation Repair" but their name is actually "LRE Foundation Repair, LLC." Orlando Foundation Repair
They also bought this domain Orlando Foundation Repair | Foundation Companies Near Me (which is on the GMB) so it's no wonder they are ranking better for "foundation repair Orlando"
The location on the GMB also looks to be a shopping plaza.

We have tried everything, optimized my client's GMB, local listings & website. We have also reported the listing quite a few times (from people on and off my team). I have also sent the redressal form to no avail.

Is there any way to escalate this? A special number to call or if someone here can help to either get this listing removed or updated to the correct business name of LRE Foundation Repair.

Any help would be VERY appreciated.

Thank you!

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
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Submitted an edit.

There's not much else you can do, except to ask for a little cover fire on the edits, and to work on the moving parts your client's competitors are too lazy to work on (particularly relevant links and detailed reviews).

Not that it sounds like you're relying on this, but the odds are good someone will mention it, so I say this preemptively: The "just ask a 'Product Expert'" approach is fine as far as it goes, but isn't a practical solution for keeping the spam in check on a large scale or long-term. For this client and for others. (That would be like going to a supermarket and asking an employee for help on every aisle, and every time you go to the store. Not real sustainable.)

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