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Sep 3, 2014
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Ease of Setup and Use Make the Echo Device the Winner, So You’d Better Pay Attention to Yelp

Over the Black Friday weekend, I did a brief test of the Google Home Hub and the Amazon Echo Show 2.

For a number of reasons, the one that I think will be a winner with consumers is the Amazon device, which uses the Alexa voice operating system.

But the real winner, because of the Alexa device coming out on top, is Yelp.

echo show 2.jpg
Thanks Tim, I'm a big Google product user, just out of interest, what made the Amazon Echo easier to use?

Or was it the local results you preferred?

what made the Amazon Echo easier to use
First of all, it was easier to set up and create settings for the Echo device. Both devices require that you install a smartphone app to set up your settings for them. However, the Google device requires that you also install and use a second smartphone app as well (Google Assistant).

It was also easier to have the Amazon device integrate with my G Suite contacts and calendar. It simply offered to do so and then it did the work on its own.

For the Google device, it managed to integrate itself with my G Suite calendar but then it said that it was not able to integrate with or import my G Suite contacts. It suggested that I contact my company's G Suite administrator. I am that administrator. I searched for a solution for quite a while but ultimately I was never able to .find a way to integrate or import my G Suite contacts into the Google device.

Finally, it was dead simple to begin taking advantage of my Amazon Prime video service on my new Echo Show device, watching live TV or recorded video content. I don't know whether that would have been possible with the Google device but I speculate that it would have been either difficult or impossible to do so.

Does that help?
Great write up Tim! Looks like Local SEO on smart devices will become more of a thing, even if it is already encompassed in an offering, like being optimized for Google already etc.

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