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Jun 28, 2012
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Phil Rosek has hit one out of the park again, with more thinking-outside-the-box ideas you should really take a look at.

Local Citations / Business Directories for Specific Ethnicities and Identities (US) |

We all know that people who own businesses in America are of all different stripes ? some who identify as a minority, some born in other countries, some multilingual, etc. That?s one of the very best things about this country.

What most local business owners and local SEOs don?t know is that there?s also a variety of local-biz directories geared toward many of the different ethnicities and identities of people who?ve built businesses here.

These sites are important for two reasons: Because ?local? business owners (1) want to attract the ?right types? of customers and (2) need to gather as many local citations as possible in order to get visible to those customers in the local search results (mostly Google+Local and Bing).

I?ve rounded up a list of ethnicity-specific / identity-specific sites, some of which you may want to list your business on.

Go read the rest...

While here, if you want more citation ideas check out our
BRAND NEW forum, all about Citation building.​

What do you think??? Good stuff?
Tell Phil thanks for the ideas!
Hey Linda,

Thanks for your compliments and for the post, as always! The idea came about because someone recently sent me a bunch of suggestions for sites to add to my Definitive Citations List, and that list contained a couple of the ethnicity- / identity-oriented sites, so I thought "Hmmm, maybe there are more."

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