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Dec 9, 2014
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All of a sudden days ago I started to get random bad reviews that claim I purchased reviews?? and I did not pay for it. In my entire business career, I never purchased comments/reviews/feedback. now this person is sending me an email asking me to pay.

I contacted Google my business support report, but I want to know if there is anything else I can do. email of Money request is in my spam folder. Not sure if I have to send this to google support as well?

Can anyone help? Is there anything else I can do? -- it is frustrating it is like being attacked without knowing who this person is, how to connect what to do...
If they are claiming in the email to remove the reviews if you pay, then yes you should submit that info to support as evidence the reviews are fake. Any evidence you have you should submit to strengthen your case.

You can also post on the Google Business profile forum your business name, address, and URL, along with all the evidence, and a product expert may be able to help escalate this issue.
Google sent me an automated email and asks me to use their Business Review Removal tool.... i am not able to submit the info there is no field to attach or send a link
Did you get a case ID or anything with the email? If so, you can contact Google Support through this form, reference the case ID, and submit your evidence that way.

Otherwise, you can do what @Phil Rozek recommends in this thread and "get other people to flag the review. That doesn't always work, of course, but I've found it can make the difference. Ideally, some of those people already are in the habit of sending in various Google Maps edits and have a good track record."
Agree with Elizabeth above. If you have proof that they want money to take their claim/bad review down, you should be able to get it removed pretty quickly via Google support.

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