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Jan 4, 2022
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I've responded to Google directly and did not approve their requests, but Google needs to block their account. They are going around to several unrelated businesses and claiming ownership of businesses they have no relation to.
@JoyHawkins I'm skeptical that reporting these people will do much in this case; in the last half year or so I , too, have started seeing several repeated "requests" to claim ownership of profiles I manage, all by obviously spammy gmail addresses. That "report" form looks like it applies more to issues with a known "agency".
The purpose of the form is basically any 3rd party that is violating something when it comes to Google Business profiles so it should go to the right people.
I guess my point was that the scammers I'm seeing won't care. They're using obviously throw-away gmail accounts, which is the only "id" you have on them.
Yeah 100%. I just ignore these when I see them. Seems like a waste of time to try and get Google to act on it.

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