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Mar 18, 2020
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We initially imported our listings on Bing from Google My Business. The information is apparently updated routinely based on the Google listing's information. As a result, the UTM parameters we set up specifically for Bing are getting replaced with the ones from Google. Is there a way to unsync Bing Places from Google My Business so this will stop happening?
This has happened to me numerous times. I now refuse to synch Google with Bing. These settings should be able to be updated in Bing. Per Bing, you need to:

  1. Log into your Bing account.
  2. Navigate to the Preferences section.
  3. Select Google My Business Sync Settings.
  4. You can view the current sync schedule, then select Edit to make alterations.
  5. You can either de-select the sync option or choose a new frequency for your account to sync. When you are finished, select Submit to apply the changes.
I have found that they don't always honor this even if you change it. Also, settings can be different for different managers which will cause problems. I worked on an account that the client did the initial synch. No matter how many times I turned it off with my access, it reverted because it was originally done through a different login. The client repeatedly tried to change it with no luck. Eventually, I contacted Bing and told them to turn it off. It took multiple messages with them initially telling us how to fix it with no luck. Then multiple stern messages with Bing telling them to fix it for us and them saying it was updated and not. Eventually, the update stuck, but I did have to get a bit stern. Be persistent and monitor that it doesn't revert but eventually it will go through. My issue took about a month total to get it fixed.

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