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Aug 10, 2021
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If a client is a SAB but they move, how do you change the address that the business was verified with?

If I get a new SAB client that already has a GMB, how do I find out the address it was verified with?
You just click on the address field (, well the part where the adress would be... it reads "No location; deliveries and home services only") in the dashboard and enter the new address. This will probably trigger a revalidation. There is no need to do that unless you specifically need or want to change the validation address (e.g. the new address is better, or the client is moving to and goint to target a different business area).

It's impossible to find out where a SAB was validated. You can sometimes make an educated guess about the general area, but that's it. At least I haven't been able to. I used to be able to zoom in somewhat, but that hasn't worked well in a while.

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