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Hi Michael,

Vaca Valley Chiropractic has a one box and the "A" position. How did he do it?

He can't be in a onebox and in the 7 pack. When there is a one box that means there is just a single pinned listing, NO 7 pack.

What I see is that he is #1 in organic and A in the pack. That's perfectly normal with this semi new algo we have now.

How did he do it? He doesn't's see if someone else can spot the issues.
OK Michael, back and carpal rested.

Here are a couple things that could be impacting your ranking.

Who is Timothy J. Shelton, DC? And what is 1241 Alamo Dr #2. Was that a previous office or something. He has a listing with same phone # that could possibly be impacting you. If he's old assoc and that's old address you could mark it as closed.

Here are both listings:

Who is Thomas S. McDonald? He's at same address and neither of you have a suite listed. Do you share an office? If so, that's tricky. Don't add a fake suite if you don't have one, but just let me know the relationship.

Here are both listings:

After you explain the relationship with both of these I can try to explain the problem and what to do.

For conversions, I have a suggestion. The most important thing on your Place page is all those great reviews, but you push them WAY down the page with a description that's too long. Don't give them the meat and explain your procedures there. Just give them the sizzle and get them to your site for the info. Shorter is better.

And as far as why VV is on top. He's not anymore. Blink and it all changes.
Now he's #2 and has the double on top. (But the ones on top are there largely due to their on-site SEO, backlinks or other organic factors, not necessarily local factors like # of reviews.)

Last but not least your on-site SEO could be improved. How well your site is optimized has an impact on the algo. Initially I thought the lack of SEO was the prob.

But in looking further, I'd venture to say you may even have an organic penalty. I checked PURE organic (which takes out the Places and review factors) and you aren't in the top 50 for Chiro PLURAL. For singular I found you way back in the 50s BUT it's your contact us page NOT your home page. All of this suggests to me you could possibly have a penalty.

So you are lucky to even be sitting at E since your site is not ranking. And you are on page one largely due to your local factors like location, citations and reviews. If your site issues were fixed you'd likely be much higher.

Have you hired an SEO? Did they do link building for you?
Linda, thanks so much for your help. Shelton is the chiropractor I bought the business from in 2009. He was previously located at 1241 Alamo. I kept the same phone number to maintain continuity with the patients.

I share space with McDonald, who is my landlord. We use the same address but a different phone. The building is designed to be physically divided into two suites, but it is not. We could decide to use Suite A for one address and Suite B for the other. In the past I have somewhat inconsistently used Suite B in my address, but I think all my NAPs are Suite B. However, McDonald also uses Suite B for his NAP.

However, it would not be worth it for me to change the Suite number because I expect to move within about the next six months (nothing firm yet). We'll cross that bridge when we come to it...

I did my own SEO :eek:. Actually it worked very well until about a year ago, but then I got first place in Yelp so it didn't matter very much. I can definitely use help with on-site SEO.

I also did my own, very old school link building :eek: :eek:. Actually, this too worked very well until Google got wise. Probably the worst sin, for which I am likely being penalized, I have detailed in my other thread, <!-- title / author block -->Remove all sitewide links or keep the PR5 homepage link?

I'd appreciate advice about this one.

Re the Places page. I think most people get to it by clicking on my 7 box listing, "11 Google reviews" which takes them directly to the reviews. But I'll try shortening the description.

Thanks again.
Thanks Michael, you've helped me with Chiro advice, suggestions so I wanted to go the extra mile in this thread.

If Shelton is no longer in practice and no longer there, you should mark that listing as closed since it has your phone could be interfering with ranking.

I didn't see the other thread about the backlinks til now. So when I wrote the above had not seen it. (But just commented there.)

I have someone that can help you with all the SEO stuff. Email me if you want help. They can also mark Shelton closed if you don't know how or show you how and advise you in more detail on the current address overlapping with McDonald.

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