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Jan 14, 2015
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Hello All,

First off this is my first post in here so I hope that this isn't asking too much. I read a lot but haven't posted. Anyhow -

My client has been mentioned in the news many times, here is just one list from Fox News: Echo Interaction Group ? Categories ? FOX

My question is how do I make better use of the media attention they are getting? Is there something that has worked for others in the past or an idea I haven't thought of as of yet?

Thanks so much in advance.
For online publications, I would do what I could to get the news outlet to link to your clients site. These are very authoritative links which could help provide a good boost in rankings.

Perhaps you could ask for permission from the media outlets to use their logo on your clients site. "Mentioned On...." or something along those lines. If not, I don't believe there is anything against you mentioning the name of the media outlet on your clients site. I would stick to using some geo-identifiers to bring a stronger local tie.

What is involved in getting rights to use the video on your site instead of linking to them? Can you use them on your Youtube channel? It's probably easier and less resource intensive to embed the videos vs. hosting them on your site.

I want to say use markup but I don't what is available on this front.

Hope this helps.
My experience has been that if you ask straight-up (preferably before the interview) for a link to your website they'll do it more often than not (you'll never know if you don't ask).

If you have not already, I would blast out that article to every social media account the company controls. Links are preferred, but in my experience any mention of your brand is also beneficial. Report: Google Will Get Access To Twitter's Firehose Again

Typically what I've done is put a section in the business' about us on their website with a on-going list of all mentions by the press (similar to what you have). What I might consider doing differently if I were you is doing a small 150-200 character description of piece that was done on the business, just summarize it and thank the person who did the piece.
Excellent advise from heckler.

Any videos that get added to your site should include some sort of text summary as well and a transcript. Remember, google cannot read images or videos. They rely on titles, alt tags and the content surrounding the videos.
I agree with heckler, "I would blast out that article to every social media account..."
Mirage Limousines got a mention from the New York Times. Asked for a link and did not get one. Plus they spelled our name wrong and misquoted us.
Oh well, I still posted it to social media with a link to the article.
I am also going to include it in a blog post.
Also see if you can swing a structured citation at the end of the article.
When you syndicate through them, the majority of PR sites will allow you to include the businesses contact info (NAP) along with the PR
I see you have been on this forum longer than I. Perhaps you know more than me. But your Press Release comment got me thinking.

Recently I read Google...
Press Release Companies Penalized by Google, Lose up to 90% of Organic Traffic

I would not recommend this type of press release to my clients anymore.

I think the questioner was talking more about being interviewed for a publication. Not about submitting press releases. Because of course you can put your own link in an article you right. Its these darn reporters that you can't count on for a link.

Anyway, do you have any fears about creating press releases for SEO purposes?
I still get email from HARO (Help a Reporter Out) but I have not used them...yet. Still might.
What do you think? Are press releases safe?
Am I mixing apples and oranges?

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