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Jan 28, 2021
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A friend's business is being mistaken for another business due to the wrong business showing up in Google's knowledge panel.

The two businesses share the same building address (not ideal) and a portion of the same name (CrossView, also not ideal). That being said, both have their unique business license, employees, phone number, and Google Business Profiles.
  • CrossView Realty is a real estate agency with 28+ agents selling homes.
  • CrossView Property Management is a property management company and real estate rental agency. Services include marketing, tenant screening, selection, leasing, maintenance, tenant relations, accounting, and compliance.
When searching Google for "CrossView Realty," the correct knowledge panel shows up, as seen below.


When you search Google for "CrossView Property Management," the knowledge panel incorrectly shows "CrossView Realty" instead of "CrossView Property Management."


I know this might be a big ask, but is there any way to change this? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
Partial name match, same address and suite number, similar blanket industry (real estate). That's tough.
I had a quick look at categories for each and they are identified differently, and the content on the two sites are different.

Maybe some info in the Questions & Answers might help, but I don't know.

The only way I could get the KB to trigger was putting the full name and address. CrossView Property Management, Mill Springs Drive Suite 220-B, Jacksonville, FL

Only other thing was some of the listings on CrossView Realty have "listing courtesy of CrossView Property Management", and of course the "Property Management" in the menu - but that does link to the correct website.
When you say info in the Questions and Answers, can you provide more information?
This is the FAQ/Q&A section in the GMB profile itself.

As the owner of the listing, you can ask and answer questions without any issue. You don't need to wait for people to ask questions.

Again, I can't remember if the Q&A section is used as an influence to the local listings, but it's worth adding some questions in there none the less.
It appears that this business should be removed from Google and that your client should combine the two profiles and websites. Google will take issue with the same staff operating both business profiles.
Crossview 1
Crossview 2

It appears they tried to B to the suite to make it look like a different office.

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